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Patricia Howard, District Manager


I have worked in Public Cemeteries for a very long time.  Due to the amount of time that I have worked in this sector, I have attended many classes on government law and Public Cemeteries, which makes me feel confident that I am well versed in the law pertaining to the Health and Safety Code; Public Cemeteries. 

Currently, I am the District Manager here at the Byron-Brentwood-Knighten Union Cemetery District and Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District (30+ years).  I also mentor other cemetery district managers, throughout the State.

I am currently on the California Association of Public Cemeteries (CAPC) Board of Directors.  CAPC is a wonderful Association that has over 260 Public Cemetery members.  CAPC regularly holds conferences, classes and sends daily/weekly emails about Public Cemetery law and updates.  

I grew up by the  Colma California Cemeteries and have a love for history which is something you find safely contained in a cemetery.  You can learn a lot about your family, local families, town and/or city by going to the local cemetery.  Anywhere and everywhere my travels take me, I always visit the local cemetery.  There is something so calming, peaceful and safe about them.

I am married with 4 children and 10 wonderful grandchildren.  I love cemeteries, from learning and caring for them - to the history they hold - this is information that will live on indefinitely in our beautiful public cemeteries.